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What you will find here is the solution to the communication problems that we can all live from time to time, that is, find people with whom we can share the same interests, hobbies, tastes and passions.

You will find countless links to active WhatsApp groups around the world, classified by varied interest categories, such as: Love and dating, Earning money, Healthy living, Videogames and technology, Stickers, Religion, Humor, Movies, videos and music, Sports and betting, Bitcoin and crypto and many more.

WhatsApp groups around the world are very polar, as the majority of the population has access to a Smartphone, internet connection and someone to communicate with, so … who will not want ía use instant messaging apps? Do you know someone?

To give us an idea of how common the use of WhatsApp Groups is worldwide, we have to point out that according to reports, a world population of 7,910 million inhabitants was registered for 2022, of which 4,950 million people use the Internet, which is 62.5% of all the inhabitants of planet earth, of which 5,220 million people access the internet through a smartphone.

Every day in the world, people spend on average 6 hours and 54 minutes on the Internet. The most popular and most used social media networks and applications are: WhatsApp (86.4%), YouTube (82%), Facebook (71.6%), Instagram (56.4%), among others.

So considering that more than 4.95 billion people in the world use the internet every day and that the most used instant messaging application is WhatsApp. We can conclude that WhatsApp Groups are a great way of communication, to meet people with the same interests.

That is why here we compile the best:

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Love and Friendship

The best WhatsApp groups in the world

If you are looking to meet people close to you with tastes similar to yours, finding WhatsApp groups will be your best solution. So take it easy, we have excellent news for you … est you in the right place. Here you can get and join different types of WhatsApp groups.

You have reached the largest list of WhatsApp Groups! Classified in more than 10 categories of interest. Below is a list of all active WhatsApp groups, to whom you can join and get the latest news globally with which you get some education and employment opportunity, just follow this article to the end.

WhatsApp occupies a very important place in our lives, it has undoubtedly become one of the most used communication tools. We continue our daily lives through school, work, family or friends groups created through WhatsApp, which is at the very center of our social, private and business life.

In many cases WhatsApp users want to join many popular groups and cannot. You know why? This is because they cannot get the link for more WhatsApp groups. Here you will find them, the latest and most popular WhatsApp groups so you can easily join more groups as you like. You can choose the favorite group and join just click on that. Before joining a group, check out this important information!

Whatsapp group link rules

  1. Do not share your personal content and other activities.
  2. Personal chats are not allowed in groups.
  3. Respect group members and administrator.
  4. Do not share illegal content like images, videos.
  5. Religion publication is not allowed.
  6. Do not change the group name or group icon.
  7. Do not abuse group members and administrator.
  8. Respect the group administrator and members.
  9. Be happy and make the group happy.

What is the WhatsApp group?

We can chat with our friends, colleagues, family, etc. through WhatsApp. When we chat with one person on WhatsApp, we can only chat with one person at a time. And our message also reaches only this particular chat. This is called one-to-one communication.

How to join the WhatsApp group?

Here you will find an infinite list of invitation links to WhatsApp groups, you just have to navigate through the categories to find the WhatsApp groups indicated for you.

How to Find A Group In WhatsApp

Our page is designed to make it extremely easy to find the WhatsApp groups indicated for you, you just have to indicate where in the world you are, then, choose from the 10 categories in which we classify the groups and voila! You will have infinite options of Groups.

How to create a WhatsApp group?

  • First open your WhatsApp. And play Menu and play New Group.
  • Now the contacts will appear in front of you.
  • Select the contacts you want to add to your group with a single touch on them.
  • When you finish sealing the contacts you want in the new group.
  • Proceed by touching the Next button.
  • Group icon: First, select the icon for your group. Just touch the camera and select a good photo and apply it.
  • Group name: Here you have to write the name of the group. Enter here the name by which you want your group to be known.
  • Right icon: When you have written the above two things well, create your group by touching this mark.

How to join the WhatsApp group through an invitation link?

Joining the WhatsApp group through the group invitation link is very easy to use; just read the next step.

  • First, select the category of your interest and see many Whatsapp groups.
  • Now choose any link and click on it to redirect to a new window.
  • So, the list of applications on the device Choose the Whatsapp applications.
  • Now see the WhatsApp group icon and enter the Group option.
  • Repeat the steps from 1 to 5 to join multiple groups.

You can send us your group link so that people join him I hope you now have an idea on how to join WhatsApp Group through Group Invitation links.

How to remove a group from WhatsApp?

  • First click on the group you want to delete.
  • Second Click the Delete group button.
  • Now the group has been removed from your mobile.

How can I get out of the WhatsApp group?

  • First, enter the group you want to leave.
  • Now you have to click on the three points at the top right.
  • A menu is displayed with the option “Get out of the group”, click and go.