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WhatsApp is currently one of the most used instant messaging platforms in the world, for more than a billion people a day. It is the most used mobile app in several countries. But you’ve wondered how WhatsApp became what it is today??

WhatsApp had an idea in Jan Koum’s mind, and many years of work and effort had to pass to be accomplished. WhatsApp’s story started in 2009 and has continued to grow and has been successful ever since.

According to official history, WhatsApp was created in 2009 thanks to the idea of one of its founders, Jan Koum. For starters, he wanted to create an application that would allow him to send messages to friends, but the idea changed and the goal began to create an instant messaging application.

Brian Acton, who would be the founder of the app, became involved in the project thanks to Koum, who after a game with Frisbee asked him to be his partner and start the project together. Something he wasn’t sure of at first.

In the fall of 2009, WhatsApp didn’t grow significantly, but Koum convinced Acton to join him. When Acton was about to start looking for a steady job because he didn’t see the results of the project, Koum told him to give him a few months to make the app more popular and they would make it.

In October 2009, Acton contacted several old Yahoo friends!, told them about their project and raised $ 250,000 in initial funds. This served to make Acton the founder and to receive shares in the company.

Currently, they have more than 2 billion users worldwide and belong to Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. This purchase took place in 2014, after Zuckerberg closed the deal for a total amount of $ 19 billion.

WhatsApp Messenger is a fast-message application across platforms that allows users with an iOS or Android system to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free.

To use it, you just need a mobile number and data service or a Wifi connection. In addition to basic messages, WhatsApp offers group chat options, contact sharing, files and location. But that’s not all, as it has implemented new features over the years that you need to know.

WhatsApp today is the most widely used messaging app in the world. Current communication is not designed without the use of digital tools and all platforms, WhatsApp is the star. And of all the features offered by this messaging service, the creation of a group is undoubtedly preferred by users.

WhatsApp groups can be a great tool for sharing information and communicating with a group of people who gather for a common purpose. Obviously, this only happens if the group is well managed and the members who configure it follow a series of basic communication rules. WhatsApp groups are ecosystems worth exploring.

With 340.0 million WhatsApp users in 2021, according to our forecast, India is the largest WhatsApp market in network users, followed by Brazil and the United States in terms of user penetration among smartphone users, Brazil, Argentina and India are the three main markets, where more than 90% of smartphone users in each country will use WhatsApp this year.

WhatsApp will contribute significantly to the growth of the overall use of mobile messaging apps worldwide. The total number of messaging users will grow 12.1% this year, reaching 2.52 billion people. This means that 87.1% of smartphone users worldwide will use a mobile messaging app at least once a month in 2023.

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